What Are Peggie’s Eyeglass Charms?

It is a fun accessory that can be placed on any kid’s eyeglasses, including sunglasses, to create a dazzling look that makes them look cool.

Stylize Your Prescription Eye Wear & Sunglasses Easily:

Peggie’s Eyeglass Charms are a great way to encourage kids to wear prescription eye ware, and show off their cool side to the world.

 Children find many ways to bully classmates for various reasons. One way, is teasing classmates, who need prescription eyeglasses, as they are easy targets for teasing. They often begin to feel very insecure and develop low self-esteem.  To stop the teasing, they may no longer wear their prescription glasses, which can be harmful to their eyesight.

We know that this becomes a serious concern for parents, but we have found a solution to the problem, with our patented eyeware charms (bling).

What makes Peggie’s Eyeglass Charms fun to wear is  turning  prescription eyeglasses into stylish fashionable eyewear that nobody else has!

They Are Easy to Apply:

Our eye ware bling (charms)  come with a sticky tack that fits into the oval groove behind the charm. The sticky tack secures the the charm in place, and does not leave residue when the charm is removed, from both metal and plastic eyeware frames.

Your Options:

As we offer an assortment of charms it makes wearing glasses a fun experience, each and every day of the week. Our assortment includes such things as a brilliant green twinkling turtle, a cute blue butterfly, a jazzy looking funky fish, an ever eager fabulous frog, a wise owl, a delicate flower, or a seahorse with a starfish.  We also offer two cool looking charms for boys; a green lizard, and a shiny spider.

Our charms can be  used individually, or as a combo, to create a unique style for every day of the week.

For a slide show of the pictures below click on the arrows under the picture. 

For more information or to order bling phone: 1 (403) 581-6886 or 1 (403) 335-8644