Peggie’s Eyeglass Charms are a great way to encourage kids to wear eyeglasses and show off their cool side to the world.


It is a known fact that children who wear eyeglasses  are often teased.  As a result they feel insecure when wearing their prescription eyeglasses and many quit wearing them altogether, which can be very harmful to their eyes.


As a parent of four young children, I had experienced this extremely troubesome situation.  Thus I have made the decision to help parents encourage their children to want to wear prescription glasses, by designing cool eye ware charms. The result; classmates will stop bullying and teasing them, and envy them  for wearing prescription glasses that make them look cool. 

 "Peggie’s Eyeglass Charms"  are the answer for women  of all ages, who require prescription glasses, as wearing glasses fitted with my eyeglass charms turns their prescription eyeware into stylish fashion accessories.


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