My oldest son required glasses at a very young age, which resulted  in his classmates teasing him.

My husband and I took him for many eye tests, bought him the "coolest glasses", to no avail...he would purposely break them so he would not have  to wear glasses, thereby avoiding bullying. 

Our second oldest son had always been an artist so I asked him to draw a "lizard, truck"; something little boys' would deem "cool" to place on the arms of their eyeglasses.  I believed this would inspire boys to wear prescription eye ware to help deal with "peer pressure" at such a young age. 

Hence: my "idea" for helping children in this situation.

To view my commercial, filmed in Kansas, MO, go to my AWARDS page. 

What you are about to view is the total essence of my awarding winning / patented idea.

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